This capacity building programme involves seminars and laboratories, filling the skill gap in CH sector by providing capacity building in audience development and fostering knowledge acquisition on entrepreneurship, promotion, marketing. AHEAD builds on the ACED model from the ADESTE+ project, which created an Audience-Centred Experience Design process for cultural organisations to promote effective and lasting audience development.

AHEAD transfers ACED to the CH sub-sector for the first time and tailors it to the specific needs and challenges of CH institutions, also involving creative artists collaborations in the process, thus innovating and expanding it on a larger scale of impact.

Downloadable resources

The resources produced by the trainer providers in collaboration with CH professionals during the AHEAD online seminars and in loco laboratories to enhance the entrepreneurial and professional development of CH professionals in Audience Development, Marketing & Promotion, Business Models.

  • Capacity Building Programme (in progress)
  • Teaching Materials from the Seminars (in progress)
  • Pictures from the Laboratories (tbd)