Accessible Heritage Experience for Audience Development

Empowering cultural heritage professionals

Cultural Heritage for the Future

AHEAD (Accessible Heritage Experience for Audience Development) is an EU-funded program that aims to give cultural heritage professionals the tools to develop audiences using innovative approaches and tools.

Our vision is to increase awareness that human-centered approaches, hands-on learning, impact-driven methodologies, and data analysis can revolutionize operational methods in the culutral heritage sector.

This transformation will empower the sector to better serve our communities, ensure greater financial sustainability, and foster opportunities for social, cultural, and economic advancement.

Latest news

The AHEAD seminar program kicks off

The AHEAD project team has delivered its first two online seminars to cultural heritage professionals from the Messara Valley archaeological area (Greece),  from the Archaeological Park of Ostia Antica (Italy), and from the National Museum and Research Centre of Altamira (Spain).

Rethinking heritage accessibility: the AHEAD manifesto

A new European network for heritage experience design With the project AHEAD - Accessible Heritage Experiences for Audience Development, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme, Melting Pro is leading a new international consortium to promote accessible and...

Core initiatives of AHEAD

Capacity Building Programme

Enhancing the skills and expertise of cultural heritage professionals in Audience Development, Marketing & Promotion, and Business Models aligned with the quadruple bottom line (Financial, Cultural, Social, Environmental impact).

New AHEAD Model

Implementing a structured approach to participatory audience development, tested with cultural heritage organizations in Spain, Italy, and Greece.

Impact and Innovation Strategy

Scaling up the methodology and promoting its adoption in cultural heritage institutions across the EU and internationally. AHEAD tailors a new model specifically for the cultural heritage sub-sector, with input from creative artists, fostering innovation and expanding its impact on a larger scale.