Cultural heritage is a crucial economic and social resource for EU countries. However, most cultural heritage institutions underperform financially in generating economic sustainability and local growth, and socially in widening access and participation to new audiences and local communities.

AHEAD ‘s (Accessible Heritage Experience for Audience Development) vision is to increase the understanding that if we apply human-centred approaches, learning by doing, impact and data-driven methodologies in the cultural heritage sector, we can innovate the working practices and empower the sector to become more relevant for our communities, more financially sustainable and able to create opportunities for social, cultural and economic growth.


A 130 year-old non-profit Higher Education Institution among Spain’s leading universities with a long record of international cooperation. The research team on Leisure, Culture and Tourism for Social Transformation specialises on cultural management, audience studies and participatory models.

The Heritage Management Organization (HERITΛGE) was established in Greece to enable key heritage managers to independently transform heritage assets into dynamic sources of learning, community identity, and economic development through targeted training. We train professionals in the management of heritage sites and assets, independently of project specifics.

Small Italian Enterprise specialising in audience development, strategic planning, team building, creative entrepreneurial competences and green management for the cultural and creative sector.

A Social Innovation Agency founded in 2017 in Belgium to train and coach people on innovation and co-creation processes and design innovation programmes for clients.

An institution of the Italian Ministry of Culture with special autonomy, it is in charge of the site’s protection and public fruition. The Archaeological Park of Ostia Antica takes care of conservation, research, education, engagement and communication activities.

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Archeological sites in Italy, Greece and Spain.

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