AHEAD presentation to the SHIFT Consortium


The AHEAD project and manifesto were presented to the SHIFT project consortium during its meeting in Athens, Greece in late May 2024. SHIFT programme, funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe programme, aims to make cultural heritage more accessible, inclusive and appealing for all through technological innovation.

Twenty-five consortium members representing research and cultural heritage institutions, academia and businesses from Bosnia Herzegovina, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Sweden attended the AHEAD presentation delivered by HERITΛGE’s Head of Communications, Maria Kagkelidou.

“Our SHIFT partners were delighted to be introduced to AHEAD, pointing out that the two projects have a shared vision:increase access to cultural heritage while empowering cultural heritage institutions and equipping them to address contemporary challenges,” says Maria Kagkelidou. “Both projects look forward to working together in the future, which we are confident will result in great cross-pollination and even better results for cultural heritage institutions and audiences alike.”